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Tess was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable about Agave Spirits and the information she shared was relevant and interesting. Very happy with her class!-

(Agave Smackdown Tequila vs. Mezcal)


Learned a lot and loved the whole experience. Tess was A+.- (Italian Wine Workshop: Chianti 10/15/15)


I thought the instructor was great - very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about cider!- (Cider 101 10/10/15)


Tess was great, your facilities are great, I love the way you've turned your outfit into a kind of community center/educational center. Very professional, very pleasing and helpful. You're making me a happier and better-informed drinker -- nice for me as well as (I hope) nice for you. Win-win.- (Cider 101 10/10/15)


Our instructor was incredibly inviting and very personable! She was informative and it was obvious to see her passion for the subject.-  (Tequila Cocktail Lab 5/4/16)


Instructor was great,  informative without being preachy,  authoritative without being obnoxious,  and a real live of the subject... She's a keeper. - (Wines of Tuscany 5/31/16)


I loved our instructor. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and there was clarify in the way she presented the material and explained often elusive concepts. All this without a grain of condescension so often present in other wine specialists. - (Wines of Piedmont 6/29/16)